A Brief History of the TT Chapter

The Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants was launched on October 14, 2010.  The Trinidad & Tobago Chapter is a legal non-profit entity, governed by established bye- laws and a code of ethics. Management is provided by an elected board of directors charged with the responsibility for developing a cadre of competent management consultants. This is aimed at transforming the region’s model for economic development.

The CICMC local chapter provides the following benefits that individuals can not provide for themselves: 

  1. A reference as a credible body of competent professionals; – Professional certification that meets global standards and is recognized worldwide;
  2. A link to regional and global markets for qualified consultants inclined to export their services; – Information regarding changing markets for qualified consultants inclined to export their services;
  3. A source of training, assessment and continuous professional development; – Coaching, mentoring and collegial support; – Networking opportunities for greater competitiveness;
  4. An opportunity to become a globally recognized centre of management consulting excellence; and – A potential broker of services on behalf of members

Goals & Objectives

  1. Provide ongoing practical and technical support to government, non-governmental organizations and small and medium enterprises;
  2. To advocate for the establishment of global standards in the local management consulting sector;
  3. The creation of a local register and licensing protocol for management consultants

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